Best Masticating Juicers

What is the Best Masticating Juicer?

Masticating juicers are becoming more popular as people are becoming more serious about juicing and getting all the nutirents from their leafy green juices. Masticating juicers are slow juicers that best juice leafy green items such as lemongrass, kale, cabbage,  spinach etc but can take from 10 minutes to 15 minutes to create a juice. This is because masticating juicers incorporate a crushing motion to break down the produce more thoroughly to squeeze every last drop from the produce to create a superior quality of juice. The slower motion gives reduced aeration of your fruits and vegetables, which is good to stop the breakdown or oxidation of the nutritional enzymes and anti-oxidants in the juice which makes your juice more nutritious overall.

Choosing the best masticating juicer can be difficult  due to the amount of variety, features and brands to choose from on the market but we have compiled a list of the best masticating juicers.

Top Masticating Juicers

Product Brand Price Warranty Rating Learn More
Breville Medium 1 Year 4star button
Tribest High 5 Year 4.5star button
Omega Medium 15 Year 5star button
Kuvings High 10 Years 4.5star button
Chefs Star Low N/A 3star button
Omega High 15 Years 5star button
Hurom Medium 10 Years 4.5star button


Best Masticating Juicers Review 2015

Omega J8006 Nutrition Centre Juicer

The Omega brand is considered the king of masticating juicers, the Omega J8006 is one of their best selling juicers and with good reason. This juicer is a perfect addition to any kitchen countertop with a powerful 2HP motor. The build quality of the Omega J8006 is impeccable, it includes a GE Ultum auger which is 8 times stronger than other plastics. The Omega J8006 is silent, produces a high juice yield especially for leafy greens such as Kale, spinach and wheatgrass. With this juicer you’re not limited to just juice, it has the ability to create nut butter, pasta and it can even grind coffee! The food chute on this juicer is small and your fresh produce may require some prep work, it also contains an auto pulp-ejection function so you can continuously juice. This probably the best masticating juicer out there for the price. Not to mention this juicer also contains a 15 Year warranty.

Breville BJS600XL masticating juicer

Breville produce some of the best juicers out there, and the Breville BJS600XL masticating juicer is no different. This vertical juicer has a smaller footprint compared to its horizontal counterparts such as the Omega xxx , it also contains a feed chute, a juicing jug for extracted juice and a pulp container for the pulp.  The Breville’s 240w motor is whisper quiet with amazing extraction power without any heat transfer that can potentially lower quality of the juice.  One thing we found with this blender is that it was so easy to clean due to the filter basket with auto purifying with water which made it easier  to clean in comparison juicers we’ve tried to cleaned.

Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000S

Kuvings whole slow juicer is an easy to use masticating juicer with some of the best juicing technologies incorporated to produce the highest quality juice. This juicer has a two stage low speed system at 60prm to prevent oxidation and that creates the highest juice yield and a dry pulp. Kuvings whole slow juicercontains a whole fruit/vegetable feeding chute so you can slow juice whole fruits and vegetables without the need to prep, which can save you a lot of time. In terms of cleaning, its easy to assemble and disassemble and only takes an average of 5 minutes to clean fully.